Friday, March 11, 2016

The Temple of Love – Our Sacred Space - Aphrodite: Golden Goddess of Love – The Goddess among all people

We all possess some of the qualities of the five Greek Goddesses. At this time I am embracing more of Aphrodite than I have in years. In my maturity and in alignment with the work that I continually do with my five lower bodies (mental, emotional, physical, psychic and spiritual) I am experiencing her much differently.

I am aware of feeling very intimate with myself because I accept who I am more unconditionally. I have been working on a proposal for a radio show I was offered to do and it had me tapping into my comfortable place and pushing deeper into my truth to honesty answer the questions presented.

To fully understand these feelings one must go back to a time when Aphrodite was honored and revered as the Goddess of Love in the temples of ancient times. The temples trained young woman in the pleasure of love and loving. An acolyte had to learn how to look and feel good about herself as a Womyn. She was taught to pay attention to the needs of men to pleasure them and to teach them how to pleasure Womyn. There was ritual and ceremony involved and sex was a sacred union in the Temple.

The Temples were a place of respite for weary travelers and for those who were looking for the sacredness of sexuality. The acolytes were also considered to be teachers and well versed in their fields. Any children birthed in the temples were considered to be the son of God and it was the Temples responsibility to raise them.

Over the past 40 years I have read and researched and absorbed a lot of information around the discovery of the image of the Goddess and anything associated with it. What I have written here comes from that sacred space deep within me that I am connecting with. If you want proof of any of this then you will have to find it for yourself or within yourself. This is what I believe to be true.

I believe that if we taught our children about the sacredness of our Temple, the sacredness of our sexuality it would help them ease a little more through those difficult times of self discovery. I think this would give them a reference point to connect to when they begin to explore. Personally I know that when I consider the value of who I am I tend to make better choices for me and I am less influenced by outside forces.

Find your sacred space within you and dare to feel nurtured and loved and cared for. Encourage yourself to be comfortable in your skin, in your environment, your community, your Universe. Honour your Temple and be love.

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