Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here are the prices for the Moon Lounge and how to connect with your practitioner

We are looking forward to this event and to serving you the community in this way. This will be a fun, educational and healing event with high quality practitioners to guide you on your journey. Here is the price list for the event and if you wish to prebook please contact your preferred practitioner listed in the Gallery of Practitioners, Drl Lesley Phillips email, Vicki Reese email and Sandra Jewells All the information is listed below in the Gallery of Practitioners as well as a link to their sites.

Embers pre booking

You will have to go the this link in order to book an appointment and scroll down the page to the submission form and the list of prices and services. The instructions are there to fill out the form, it is simple and straight forward. I will contact you with the time of your appointment once you choose your service and payment method.

Get Ready for a Day of Empowerment!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday April,13th at Healing Movements Yoga Centre for this amazing day. This is just the first of more to come but you do not want to miss the Majik of this first time event. It will be well worth your time to climb aboard this Majik Karpet Ryde and roll along with it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Moon Lounge - Join me on the Majik Karpet Ryde of Abundance

This is my first event in Surrey, B.C. and my goal for the Moon Lounge is to assist others in the industry as client or practitioner to move towards maxim success in their lives. I feel as a presenter you are guaranteed to at the least two three - clients depending on how you present yourself; you could be very busy. This is a win win situation for everybody. The readers and practitioners will have literature with their bios,and are avaible for communicating at their booths.

This is one of many events and I am very passionate about doing anything creative of this type. I have about 10 years experience while I lived on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. organizing cultural and fund raising events; one or two a year. I love bringing people together to express and nurture their creative nature and I also want to succeed sucessfully with each and every one of you. Those who cherish their journey and want to move forward with ease, climb on board. Anyone who is talented and wants to add to this well of abundacy that we are creating please join in. Let us hold the energy of success togther and create stepping stones for each other to climb that ladder. This is a small venue and we will make the best of it. Stay tuned for more information.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Moon Lounge

Within our past Matriarchal Societies and present today in some Indigenous people’s practice, the Moon Lodge (as we shall name it) represents the Womyn’s Society. Womyn coming together in a sacred environment to share knowledge, heal, and restore them self to continue on with life’s journey. My interpretation of this is what the Moon Lounge is all about.

Moon Lounge will be a place where Womyn come together in Sacred Space for renewal. There will be a sharing of stories through spoken word and music. Healers and Readers will be available for sessions, and vendors with products to enhance your journey. The goal is to create a time of relaxing, releasing, rejuvenating, the three ‘Rs” of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit in today’s society.

The venue will be a place where as a group we can hold the energy of healing to create a safe, comforting, atmosphere. The Readers and Healers will be those who play a role in Womyns healing through their work. The products sold will support Womyns empowerment and healing. The presenters will provide words to assist Womyn to move past limitations and services.
If this resonates with you then please join me in this “Moon Lounge” experience.
Embers Moore