Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Remember the Goddess Within

How taking this online course can benefit you

What is Re-membering the Goddess Within?

-understand and explore the many faces of the Goddess
- define the inner and outer expressions of these aspects that you embrace in your everyday life
-re-align with your more powerful aspects to change who you are and become who you are becoming
-re-birth in a loving, nurturing environment

What can this program do for you?

-realize your potential as a Womyn in the world
-re-member who you are by embracing where you have come from
-realize the importance of your role and your value within society
-use your fears as a springboard for success and connect with your deepest passions
-re-write your past and renew your signature on this plane

Who can benefit from this program?

-recommended to those who feel at a loss of where they are headed
-those who are unsure of their mission in life
-those with a pattern of abuse, sense of worthlessness, feeling of being misused or unheard or confused about who they are.
-anyone who wants to further their spiritual journey and become more empowered

5 week online course - $200.00 - including a reading sent to you to begin and end the course.

In life we may be caught up in who we are and what we have to do to maintain who we are and forget to slow down and embrace those inner aspects of self that require nurtuing. Now is the time to address the inner you who may be peeking out at times but never makes it past the little peek hole that we create to ensure that it is still present. When we ignore these aspects we never really move in the forward direction that we intend. Sometimes we are just comfortable with our story and what we have made of them so we choose not to dig any deeper to learn, grow and heal more than is neccessary to maintain our comfort level.

Remembering the Goddess Within is an exercise of going in comfortably and embracing those hidden aspects, addressing them and integrating them. We become more at peace and empowered in ourselves and in our lives as we move past our fears and boundaries and learn to communicate and become the absolute aspects of our hidden powers.

Join me on this journey. You can begin at any time or invite friends to join you on this journey and we will incorporate group sessions to share and heal...Your choice, just make the decision to be more than you ever imagined in this lifetime.I

If this resonates with you then please click here, fill out the form and I will send you the details of the program.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring has sprung amongst us. - Happy Easter

Spring is here as we approach the upcoming Easter celebration. I have always thought of Easter as a time for the bunny rabbit to appear and drop candy upon all those children impatiently awaiting the "Easter Egg Hunt" This year I feel the prescence of the Divine around me, embracing me. I completely understand how this is because of so many praying and giving thanks to the Christ Energy. I beleive that you cannot separate the Mother Mary from the Christ Jesus as she was alway at hands length to support and guide her Son on his Journey as Mothers do. Mary suffered the greatest pain a Mother could experience in losing a child and then the greatest Joy at his ressurection. This is a time of understanding the deepest levels of sacrifice through the eyes of the Mother and the Son. Jesus taught us to honor the divine within no matter what other may expect from you and to speak Truth.

I beleive that preparing and being a part of the Moon Lounge experience has been a transformational journey which aligned me with Divine energy in a way which I have never experienced in this lifetime. I feel at peace with my life and grateful and joyful and in complete surrender. I am so sure of my purpose, my mission in life and all I have to do is walk that walk, stay on the path of love and let my life happen. As long as I have passion for life and what I must do the way will present itself.

Easter is a time of giving thanks to the Divine for teaching us of Sacrifice; it is a time of Gratitude for what life has offered us. I am in complete surrender to Gratitude and I accept all that It has to share with me. I surrender to the Divine Will and allow myself to be a vessel for the Goodness of the Divine.

I look forward to moving forward on my journey and sharing more with you....

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Count down !! We are almost there!! A peak of what is to come.......

This event is taking place at an amazing venue in Surrey, Healing Movements Yoga Studeio on, #115 - 8377 D 128 St, April 13th, 1:30 - 8p.m.

Embers will be doing a reading and song/poem from her soon to be released book "The Path of the Goddess" as well as a group Afrikan Divination Reading. She will also be available for readings throughout the day and have Majikal product for sale

Vicki Reese is offering a presenataion on "Tea Leaf Readings" and an opportunity to swivel your hips to a "Bellydancing" session.
She will also be doing Tea leaf reading throughout the day and Reconnective Healing

Dr. Lesley will be offering a reading from her book "The Midas Tree" as well as a presentation on "Past Lives". She will also be doing readings throughout the day.

Sandra Jewell will offer a session on Mediumship and Reconnective Tissue Healing as well as being available for readings.

Tracy Rae Moore will be joining us with her Majikal products to help transform your journey.

Debra Taylor will be presenting you with information on her awesome progam "Discovery Walks" as well as a "Sacred Drum Session". She will also be doing personal guided sessions throughout the day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Infinite Creation

The following is a story from the book "The Path of the Goddess" by Embers Moore, soon to be published.

Follow me deep into the womb of Mother Earth and become nurtured within the embrace of the mysteries of her darkness. Deep into the fiery pits of creation, hear the rumbling as she gently moves and shifts her ever-living, every-growing, ever-moving, transcending self and relax. In the far distance hear the moaning of new life, and infinite creation. Follow me through the tunnels of life as we move towards the sound.

He peers through the tiny crack that he left in the opening of the cave, just large enough for his face to be seen. He watches through the light of Grandmother Moon in wonder at her squirming body as she prepares a small hole cushioned with leaves and lies down into the darkness, legs spread, preparing for the wonder of birth. He hears the scream, then the silence followed by the small wail of life itself. His mind is an awe of this mystery as his nose detects the smell of game and he shifts into the stance of the hunter, the shape-shifter. She is safe and can care for herself and new life until he returns.


She expressed herself from the womb, stretched her will and gave bloom
To the meadows and fields, and the valleys and the waters that yield
The two, the four legged beings, the life that lives deep in the seas
The seasons, the day and night, the ones in the sky that give flight

She felt the life in her give way, to new beginnings new days
She gave trust to the sun and the moon, as with the changes in life she attuned
And gave praise to the Creator, the One, from the womb where all life has come
And embraced the gifts the sight, that guided her to all things right

He crouched in the dark of the cave, in silent awe of how brave
She who in the night screamed, and pushed out a tiny being
From the swollen darkness within, somehow new life starts once again
The puzzle, the unknowing the mystery, of why only She and not He?

Inside he feels the shift: he knows this is the Gift
Something he will never know, inside him life will not grow
He moves silently into the night, his mind alert at the sight
Of the beast that he now hunts, He breathes as they become one

He follows silently and still, moves in closer for the kill
Undetected for in his mind, they are both of the same kind
He knows that this is the way, of the stealth the hunter to prey
Upon the mighty beast, He aligns in respect to defeat

Unattached they share in the feast, she cooks, sews hides for his feet
Gathers food from the ground, as the day echo’s the sound
Of the cry of new life, the flutter of beasts in flight
As he runs off with spear and she holds her new life so near

©beyondvisioncontemplationbook&cardseries Embers Moore

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Program of events for the Moon Lounge, wow so much to share, so much to do, so much to learn, join us.

What a treat we have in store for you. You can swivel your hips to the bellydancying class, learn about past lives, connect with your spirit animals and guides through Shamanic drumming, have your bones read, understand what Reconnective Healing is about, and so much more. Check out the following program and make your choice. Quality practitioners in a special sacred space. What more could you ask for? See you there....