Friday, June 20, 2014

Solstice 2014

June 21, the Summer Solstice and also the longest day in the year. Solstice is a time to celebrate the coming of Summer. Summer is the time of the child, a time of planting and growing; new beginnings. Celebrate this day by planting the seeds of what you wish to manifest throughout the year. I will celebrating with family and friends at White Rock beach around noon on Saturday by letting go of what no longer serves me and speaking of what I desire. A friendly celebration for all to enjoy. Please come join us. Just call or email or walk the beach and find us, a group of children and adults enjoying the energy of the Solstice.

Embers: 778-873-1845 or

Monday, June 16, 2014

Giving and Receiving --- Pathfinders Fundraiser

When you are on your path, walking your walk you will find yourself wanting to give to share with others. This is actually the path to receiving. Opening yourself to accepting what others have to offer makes you a magnet to receive. Giving is a gift within itself as it satisfys us and sometimes brings joy to others which is even more satisfying. I can think of no other cause worthy of our full attention then the needs of the youth at risk on the street and dealing with issues of drugs, unhealthy eating habits and exposure to the elements and all kinds of dangers. Pathfinders is an organization that deals directly with this issue. They provide home care and services for youth at risk. Go to their website and see the programs they provide and find a way to support them if it is in your heart to do so. Here is a link to a fundraiser they are having soon, but please check out the programs that they offer on their web site.

More from the Music Scene

Gabrielle Mark Hasslebach

Lots happened this week and even more to come, especially for Father's Day!

I had lots of action on the Billboard charts lately as featured soloist on Bob Baldwin's Chameleon 3000. That tune is blazing up the charts and racking up sales (for Bob that is!), and my name is getting out there. Ubiquity is my goal!

This Saturday, I am helping out my good friend Dr Tony Wong with his Burnaby Vision Care grand opening at 3801 Hastings. What a great new store with the largest selection of eyewear around. Jazz from 10 am to 4 pm.

I will be joining Billy Dixon and Soultrain Express at the Lux Lounge (1080 Howe) as soon as I can get there, around 4:30- 7 pm, and then I perform at Ten Ten Tapas at 7:30, just around the corner at 1010 Beach Ave. We always have lots of guests to make the event special. A new set of tunes will be debuted! And don't forget the super yummy food and cozy patio! Billy Dixon and Lisa Fennell will sing, so c'mon down Luis and Nick, Cecille and Riley, Brock and Gerry, Willy and Daryl!

In three weeks I will be in Ontario at Blue Mountain Jazz Fest, in the Georgian Bay/Collingwood/cottage country area, I will be performing with Gino Vanelli for his show on July 4, and then have my own featured show July 5. I will stick around on Sunday to hear the Yellowjackets......

July 20 I will be at the Lyric Theatre (Outdoor Festival) with Rob Tardik and Walle Larsson for the Canadian Brass and Steel show that we put together.

During this time, except the above mentioned dates, I will be starting a new regular gig at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam on Friday nights- come down, you will like the lounge I am at!

However, I am still holding court at Ten Ten Tapas every Saturday night at 7:30, and also for Sunday Jazz Brunch at 11:30 am. This coming Father's Day will be extraordinary, as I will play brunch, as well as dinner from 7-9. A fantastic prime rib dinner is planned for all the carnivorous, under appreciated Fathers out there! LJ Mounteney and Melissa Howell will be guesting as vocalists extraordinaire!

Also, I recently launched my new FaceBook music store, that has ALL by back catalog available as digital downloads AND hard disks.... check it out! There are guests on my dozen cds that include Dee Daniels, Paul Horn, Nancy Ruth, Christine Duncan, Warren Hill, Miles Black, Amanda Wood, Brian Bromberg, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Marc Antoine, and many more!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Watershed Artworks WHOLE LOT of ART. Sunday May 25th, 2014 Time: 10:00 – 4:00pm Location: 11425 – 84th Ave. N. Delta

I will be there doing readings with a few art Sacred Art pieces and some product.

Winner for Mothers Day Reading

Congratulations to Suzanne Willems of Saskatoon, this years winner for a Free Mothers Day Reading.- Please stay tuned for more free opportunities from Majik Moments Healing!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Music and the Heart

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

It is going to be a really fun weekend in Vancouver, and I hope to see you! All the patio seating should be open and inviting....

Saturday 4-7 pm ~ I play with Billy Dixon and Soultrain Express at Luxe Lounge (1180 Howe St) - Soul and 80's favs!

Saturday 7:30-10:30 pm ~ I am at Ten Ten Tapas (1010 Beach Ave on the Seawalk) - The lineup of guest performers is always exciting, c'mon down!

Sunday 11:30-2:30 pm ~ I am playing JAZZ BRUNCH at Ten Ten Tapas (1010 Beach Ave) - Amazing view, amazing food!

Sunday 4:00-5:00 pm ~ I am playing original material with a full band at Jazz Vespers (St Andrews Wesley Church, Burrard @ Smithe) - Rene Worst, Chris Haas, and Jason Decouto will join me.

Music is one of the most powerful forms of healing in the Universe. As a singer and performer I can testify to that as each time I finish a performance I feel enlightened, joyful, free and satisfied. Until recently that is. Most of my experience as a performer has been on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. That is actually where it all began for me. I just decided one day I wanted to sing and while at a jam at Peter Light's fire circle in Gibsons, B.C. I got up and sang a song and I never stopped. I have participated in many plays, music events, whatever felt comfortable for me; comfort being the key word here. I left the coast about three years ago and moved back to Vancouver and just recently have been attempting to enter the music community. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, one of Canada's leading jazz artists facilitates a music jam at Ten Ten Tapis Restaurant and he offered to do a recording for me. After working hard for about a week on my songs (struggling) I went to his studio. I have never struggled so much with my voice and at the time I was clueless of what was going on. Gabriel is a kind and compassionate man with a sharp ear for music and I have seen him work with other musicians and he is amazing at guiding them and helping them to realize their potential. I think he would be great at facilitating workshops and/or one to one, teaching musicians/singers to reach into themselves to find their full potential. He took me step by step through what I needed to do to reach my voice and I knew everything he was saying was what I had been telling myself all week but alas I was still stuck. We did a recording which is awesome but when I listen to it I feel like my throat is stifled.

I thought about everything I knew and what he said, (it is so helpful to hear things from other people) and I realized what my real issue was. I had been out of the music community for so long that I was coming back into it with fear. Fear of not fitting in, fear of failure, fear of being judged,.... so much fear that I was stifling myself. Also when I began singing again I also began to experience this amazing heart opening, but the fear was getting in the way of the process. So I let go and began to breathe again and let the music sit in my Creative centre (sexual centre and centre for joy - 2nd Chakra) where it belongs and I went to bed and slept on it. I woke up with a song, sounding absolutely wonderful (as well as one can sound first thing in the morning). I'm back!!! Feeling comfortable and relaxed in my body once more I am ready to move forward. Thanks Gabriel what I received from you was a gift, you are truly awesome!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach can be seen on Saturday evenings at 7:p.m. at Ten Ten Tapis Restaurant on 1010 Beach Avenue where he plays music for about an hour and then invites other performers and musicians up to join him. He also plays music here on Sunday morning brunch. Check it out I promise you will not be disappointed.
Listen to his music at one of these sites:

Pesonal site:


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Enter for a Free Mothers Day Reading

To enter for this awesome Afrikan Divination Bone & Tarot Reading as a Mothers Day Gift please got to either or and fill out the submission form. If you have alread filled out the form you are eligible for this opportunity.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Remember the Goddess Within

How taking this online course can benefit you

What is Re-membering the Goddess Within?

-understand and explore the many faces of the Goddess
- define the inner and outer expressions of these aspects that you embrace in your everyday life
-re-align with your more powerful aspects to change who you are and become who you are becoming
-re-birth in a loving, nurturing environment

What can this program do for you?

-realize your potential as a Womyn in the world
-re-member who you are by embracing where you have come from
-realize the importance of your role and your value within society
-use your fears as a springboard for success and connect with your deepest passions
-re-write your past and renew your signature on this plane

Who can benefit from this program?

-recommended to those who feel at a loss of where they are headed
-those who are unsure of their mission in life
-those with a pattern of abuse, sense of worthlessness, feeling of being misused or unheard or confused about who they are.
-anyone who wants to further their spiritual journey and become more empowered

5 week online course - $200.00 - including a reading sent to you to begin and end the course.

In life we may be caught up in who we are and what we have to do to maintain who we are and forget to slow down and embrace those inner aspects of self that require nurtuing. Now is the time to address the inner you who may be peeking out at times but never makes it past the little peek hole that we create to ensure that it is still present. When we ignore these aspects we never really move in the forward direction that we intend. Sometimes we are just comfortable with our story and what we have made of them so we choose not to dig any deeper to learn, grow and heal more than is neccessary to maintain our comfort level.

Remembering the Goddess Within is an exercise of going in comfortably and embracing those hidden aspects, addressing them and integrating them. We become more at peace and empowered in ourselves and in our lives as we move past our fears and boundaries and learn to communicate and become the absolute aspects of our hidden powers.

Join me on this journey. You can begin at any time or invite friends to join you on this journey and we will incorporate group sessions to share and heal...Your choice, just make the decision to be more than you ever imagined in this lifetime.I

If this resonates with you then please click here, fill out the form and I will send you the details of the program.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring has sprung amongst us. - Happy Easter

Spring is here as we approach the upcoming Easter celebration. I have always thought of Easter as a time for the bunny rabbit to appear and drop candy upon all those children impatiently awaiting the "Easter Egg Hunt" This year I feel the prescence of the Divine around me, embracing me. I completely understand how this is because of so many praying and giving thanks to the Christ Energy. I beleive that you cannot separate the Mother Mary from the Christ Jesus as she was alway at hands length to support and guide her Son on his Journey as Mothers do. Mary suffered the greatest pain a Mother could experience in losing a child and then the greatest Joy at his ressurection. This is a time of understanding the deepest levels of sacrifice through the eyes of the Mother and the Son. Jesus taught us to honor the divine within no matter what other may expect from you and to speak Truth.

I beleive that preparing and being a part of the Moon Lounge experience has been a transformational journey which aligned me with Divine energy in a way which I have never experienced in this lifetime. I feel at peace with my life and grateful and joyful and in complete surrender. I am so sure of my purpose, my mission in life and all I have to do is walk that walk, stay on the path of love and let my life happen. As long as I have passion for life and what I must do the way will present itself.

Easter is a time of giving thanks to the Divine for teaching us of Sacrifice; it is a time of Gratitude for what life has offered us. I am in complete surrender to Gratitude and I accept all that It has to share with me. I surrender to the Divine Will and allow myself to be a vessel for the Goodness of the Divine.

I look forward to moving forward on my journey and sharing more with you....

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Count down !! We are almost there!! A peak of what is to come.......

This event is taking place at an amazing venue in Surrey, Healing Movements Yoga Studeio on, #115 - 8377 D 128 St, April 13th, 1:30 - 8p.m.

Embers will be doing a reading and song/poem from her soon to be released book "The Path of the Goddess" as well as a group Afrikan Divination Reading. She will also be available for readings throughout the day and have Majikal product for sale

Vicki Reese is offering a presenataion on "Tea Leaf Readings" and an opportunity to swivel your hips to a "Bellydancing" session.
She will also be doing Tea leaf reading throughout the day and Reconnective Healing

Dr. Lesley will be offering a reading from her book "The Midas Tree" as well as a presentation on "Past Lives". She will also be doing readings throughout the day.

Sandra Jewell will offer a session on Mediumship and Reconnective Tissue Healing as well as being available for readings.

Tracy Rae Moore will be joining us with her Majikal products to help transform your journey.

Debra Taylor will be presenting you with information on her awesome progam "Discovery Walks" as well as a "Sacred Drum Session". She will also be doing personal guided sessions throughout the day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Infinite Creation

The following is a story from the book "The Path of the Goddess" by Embers Moore, soon to be published.

Follow me deep into the womb of Mother Earth and become nurtured within the embrace of the mysteries of her darkness. Deep into the fiery pits of creation, hear the rumbling as she gently moves and shifts her ever-living, every-growing, ever-moving, transcending self and relax. In the far distance hear the moaning of new life, and infinite creation. Follow me through the tunnels of life as we move towards the sound.

He peers through the tiny crack that he left in the opening of the cave, just large enough for his face to be seen. He watches through the light of Grandmother Moon in wonder at her squirming body as she prepares a small hole cushioned with leaves and lies down into the darkness, legs spread, preparing for the wonder of birth. He hears the scream, then the silence followed by the small wail of life itself. His mind is an awe of this mystery as his nose detects the smell of game and he shifts into the stance of the hunter, the shape-shifter. She is safe and can care for herself and new life until he returns.


She expressed herself from the womb, stretched her will and gave bloom
To the meadows and fields, and the valleys and the waters that yield
The two, the four legged beings, the life that lives deep in the seas
The seasons, the day and night, the ones in the sky that give flight

She felt the life in her give way, to new beginnings new days
She gave trust to the sun and the moon, as with the changes in life she attuned
And gave praise to the Creator, the One, from the womb where all life has come
And embraced the gifts the sight, that guided her to all things right

He crouched in the dark of the cave, in silent awe of how brave
She who in the night screamed, and pushed out a tiny being
From the swollen darkness within, somehow new life starts once again
The puzzle, the unknowing the mystery, of why only She and not He?

Inside he feels the shift: he knows this is the Gift
Something he will never know, inside him life will not grow
He moves silently into the night, his mind alert at the sight
Of the beast that he now hunts, He breathes as they become one

He follows silently and still, moves in closer for the kill
Undetected for in his mind, they are both of the same kind
He knows that this is the way, of the stealth the hunter to prey
Upon the mighty beast, He aligns in respect to defeat

Unattached they share in the feast, she cooks, sews hides for his feet
Gathers food from the ground, as the day echo’s the sound
Of the cry of new life, the flutter of beasts in flight
As he runs off with spear and she holds her new life so near

©beyondvisioncontemplationbook&cardseries Embers Moore

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Program of events for the Moon Lounge, wow so much to share, so much to do, so much to learn, join us.

What a treat we have in store for you. You can swivel your hips to the bellydancying class, learn about past lives, connect with your spirit animals and guides through Shamanic drumming, have your bones read, understand what Reconnective Healing is about, and so much more. Check out the following program and make your choice. Quality practitioners in a special sacred space. What more could you ask for? See you there....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here are the prices for the Moon Lounge and how to connect with your practitioner

We are looking forward to this event and to serving you the community in this way. This will be a fun, educational and healing event with high quality practitioners to guide you on your journey. Here is the price list for the event and if you wish to prebook please contact your preferred practitioner listed in the Gallery of Practitioners, Drl Lesley Phillips email, Vicki Reese email and Sandra Jewells All the information is listed below in the Gallery of Practitioners as well as a link to their sites.

Embers pre booking

You will have to go the this link in order to book an appointment and scroll down the page to the submission form and the list of prices and services. The instructions are there to fill out the form, it is simple and straight forward. I will contact you with the time of your appointment once you choose your service and payment method.

Get Ready for a Day of Empowerment!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday April,13th at Healing Movements Yoga Centre for this amazing day. This is just the first of more to come but you do not want to miss the Majik of this first time event. It will be well worth your time to climb aboard this Majik Karpet Ryde and roll along with it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Moon Lounge - Join me on the Majik Karpet Ryde of Abundance

This is my first event in Surrey, B.C. and my goal for the Moon Lounge is to assist others in the industry as client or practitioner to move towards maxim success in their lives. I feel as a presenter you are guaranteed to at the least two three - clients depending on how you present yourself; you could be very busy. This is a win win situation for everybody. The readers and practitioners will have literature with their bios,and are avaible for communicating at their booths.

This is one of many events and I am very passionate about doing anything creative of this type. I have about 10 years experience while I lived on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. organizing cultural and fund raising events; one or two a year. I love bringing people together to express and nurture their creative nature and I also want to succeed sucessfully with each and every one of you. Those who cherish their journey and want to move forward with ease, climb on board. Anyone who is talented and wants to add to this well of abundacy that we are creating please join in. Let us hold the energy of success togther and create stepping stones for each other to climb that ladder. This is a small venue and we will make the best of it. Stay tuned for more information.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Moon Lounge

Within our past Matriarchal Societies and present today in some Indigenous people’s practice, the Moon Lodge (as we shall name it) represents the Womyn’s Society. Womyn coming together in a sacred environment to share knowledge, heal, and restore them self to continue on with life’s journey. My interpretation of this is what the Moon Lounge is all about.

Moon Lounge will be a place where Womyn come together in Sacred Space for renewal. There will be a sharing of stories through spoken word and music. Healers and Readers will be available for sessions, and vendors with products to enhance your journey. The goal is to create a time of relaxing, releasing, rejuvenating, the three ‘Rs” of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit in today’s society.

The venue will be a place where as a group we can hold the energy of healing to create a safe, comforting, atmosphere. The Readers and Healers will be those who play a role in Womyns healing through their work. The products sold will support Womyns empowerment and healing. The presenters will provide words to assist Womyn to move past limitations and services.
If this resonates with you then please join me in this “Moon Lounge” experience.
Embers Moore


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Could you be Psychic?

· Have you ever wondered if you are psychic?

· Are you intuitive, but want to know more about your abilities?

· Do you already use your higher senses, but wish to further enhance them?

Everyone has spiritual abilities. You were born with them, but turned them down as you grew older, due to your experiences, culture and upbringing. The good news is that you can remember and reactivate these abilities.

The Spiritual Ability Blueprint provides a personal road map of your unique intuitive abilities.

It is a reading of your psychic senses that are your birth right. It measures how much you use them now to enhance your life, versus your full potential. It also provides insight into what caused you to block them. Once you understand this you can reset your blueprint to its original level.

I am writing to you today to offer the opportunity to receive your unique Spiritual Ability Blueprint at 30% off the usual price. This includes a copy of the blueprint sent to you via email, followed by a 20 minute consultation with me to discuss the results. You can see a sample blueprint chart here.

As you may know I am passionate about helping people activate their spiritual senses and would love the opportunity to do your profile for you. Please feel free to circulate this offer to your friends and of course don’t forget that you can ask me a question for free at

Love and Light

Dr. Lesley Phillips, Author and Spiritual Teacher

T - 604 259 8473

Twitter: @DrLesleyP

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Surrey Metaphysical Services: The Art of Divination

Surrey Metaphysical Services: The Art of Divination: Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus, divine) Introduction Divination has...

The Art of Divination

Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus, divine)
Divination has been as long as mankind has walked the earth. . Divination is the practice of determining the hidden significance or cause of events, sometimes foretelling the future, by various natural, psychological, and other techniques. It is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by reading signs, events, or omens, or through alleged contact with a supernatural agency. In the context of ancient Roman culture and belief, divination was concerned with discovering the will of the gods. Today, however, scholars no longer restrict the word to the root meaning. The Egyptians, Druids and Hebrews used scrying. Romans liked augury and haruspicy (a form of divination by natural phenomena (e.g. lightening), especially from inspection of the entrails of animal sacrifices. Also called extispicy) and the Greeks had Oracles. Grain, sand and peas were tossed into fields in the middle Ages to read the patterns they fell in, for the purpose of divining the cast of the year, crops, health, and every aspect of life. Found in all civilizations, both ancient and modern, it is encountered most frequently in contemporary mass society such forms as horoscopes, astrology, crystal gazing, tarot cards, the IChing (used as far back as 1000BCE), Runes and the Ouija board.

Personal Experience with Divination
I first experienced divination in the late1980’s in my search for a connection with my “roots”. In the confusion of being African, Indian, and Scottish if found that I going in circles until I discovered the one link. They were all cultures of great warriors and the deepest connection was Africa. Once that information revealed itself a book on Divination appeared with a deck of cards “Tikar Spider Cards”. Overjoyed I began studying the Zulu Divination Technique and I eagerly put together a set of “bones” and a “divining mat”. My friend and roommate at the time was a psychic who participated in the Norma Cowie’s Psychic Fairs at the PNE and I decided to use him as a guinea pig to get feedback about the readings I was learning to do. I was halfway through the reading when he got up and I thought to myself “oh, oh, is it that bad? To my amazement he walked around speaking more with himself about how he had to call Norma and book a table for me at her next event. I thought he was making fun of me but no he was serious and yes I did my first Psychic Event that year.
She did two events per year so I also did her Fall show and booked a booth for myself. It was madness, people were lined up for readings with me and two women actually started fighting for a spot that was open. My young daughter was booking my appointments and managed to sweet talk sanity back into the situation. At one point I realized that I was reading my third Psychiatric nurse. I mentioned to her that my last client was also a nurse and she said she knew her and there were several others that wanted a reading with me. The next thing I know several of them were crowded around my table intently watching and listening to my reading. One of them finally commented on how amazing the reading was as it was so much like a psychiatric evaluation only the evaluation took months and I seemed to be getting the same information in just an hour reading. This really surprised me as I was so new to doing the readings and I was not really sure where the information was coming from me.
A few years later I found an article in the Summer 1993 edition of “Shamans Drum” titled “Learning to Read the Bones” and the following paragraph caught my eye. “When you do a psychological reading for a person in the Western style you give psychological tests and, after three months or so reach a conclusion as to where the patient has been and where he is now, in his development and problems. That call all can be done within an hour, in a reading of the bones. A psychologist from Wits University once watched my teacher and me and said, “It’s amazing how quickly you’ve arrived at the same decisions we have.” This was pretty much the same thing the nurses had told me and to this day I still attract psychiatric nurses as clients.
How Divination Can Help You
In order to explain further the benefits of Divination I will continue with the paragraph above from the “Shamans Drum” edition. “If you accept that you can get a headache because of a problem and not because there is something wrong with your head, then you’ll understand fully what I mean. Today when a senior executive goes for an interview with a company, they want to meet his wife and they want to know his relationship with her. The Afrikans have known this for centuries; it’s just an accepted fact that as an individual you are not an individual alone. You are part of a much larger sphere and that sphere has its power over you – for you or against you. It is important to know what that power is. And that’s what nyangas (Diviners) discover.”
You will also discover how you fit into your world and the effects people, place, events and things have over your life circumstances. You will discover intimate details of your family life and your emotions, passions, limitations and more. Best of all you will leave with a feeling that you can overcome anything that life places before you.
Please feel free to contact me if you require more information or are interested in experiencing a reading