Friday, June 20, 2014

Solstice 2014

June 21, the Summer Solstice and also the longest day in the year. Solstice is a time to celebrate the coming of Summer. Summer is the time of the child, a time of planting and growing; new beginnings. Celebrate this day by planting the seeds of what you wish to manifest throughout the year. I will celebrating with family and friends at White Rock beach around noon on Saturday by letting go of what no longer serves me and speaking of what I desire. A friendly celebration for all to enjoy. Please come join us. Just call or email or walk the beach and find us, a group of children and adults enjoying the energy of the Solstice.

Embers: 778-873-1845 or

Monday, June 16, 2014

Giving and Receiving --- Pathfinders Fundraiser

When you are on your path, walking your walk you will find yourself wanting to give to share with others. This is actually the path to receiving. Opening yourself to accepting what others have to offer makes you a magnet to receive. Giving is a gift within itself as it satisfys us and sometimes brings joy to others which is even more satisfying. I can think of no other cause worthy of our full attention then the needs of the youth at risk on the street and dealing with issues of drugs, unhealthy eating habits and exposure to the elements and all kinds of dangers. Pathfinders is an organization that deals directly with this issue. They provide home care and services for youth at risk. Go to their website and see the programs they provide and find a way to support them if it is in your heart to do so. Here is a link to a fundraiser they are having soon, but please check out the programs that they offer on their web site.

More from the Music Scene

Gabrielle Mark Hasslebach

Lots happened this week and even more to come, especially for Father's Day!

I had lots of action on the Billboard charts lately as featured soloist on Bob Baldwin's Chameleon 3000. That tune is blazing up the charts and racking up sales (for Bob that is!), and my name is getting out there. Ubiquity is my goal!

This Saturday, I am helping out my good friend Dr Tony Wong with his Burnaby Vision Care grand opening at 3801 Hastings. What a great new store with the largest selection of eyewear around. Jazz from 10 am to 4 pm.

I will be joining Billy Dixon and Soultrain Express at the Lux Lounge (1080 Howe) as soon as I can get there, around 4:30- 7 pm, and then I perform at Ten Ten Tapas at 7:30, just around the corner at 1010 Beach Ave. We always have lots of guests to make the event special. A new set of tunes will be debuted! And don't forget the super yummy food and cozy patio! Billy Dixon and Lisa Fennell will sing, so c'mon down Luis and Nick, Cecille and Riley, Brock and Gerry, Willy and Daryl!

In three weeks I will be in Ontario at Blue Mountain Jazz Fest, in the Georgian Bay/Collingwood/cottage country area, I will be performing with Gino Vanelli for his show on July 4, and then have my own featured show July 5. I will stick around on Sunday to hear the Yellowjackets......

July 20 I will be at the Lyric Theatre (Outdoor Festival) with Rob Tardik and Walle Larsson for the Canadian Brass and Steel show that we put together.

During this time, except the above mentioned dates, I will be starting a new regular gig at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam on Friday nights- come down, you will like the lounge I am at!

However, I am still holding court at Ten Ten Tapas every Saturday night at 7:30, and also for Sunday Jazz Brunch at 11:30 am. This coming Father's Day will be extraordinary, as I will play brunch, as well as dinner from 7-9. A fantastic prime rib dinner is planned for all the carnivorous, under appreciated Fathers out there! LJ Mounteney and Melissa Howell will be guesting as vocalists extraordinaire!

Also, I recently launched my new FaceBook music store, that has ALL by back catalog available as digital downloads AND hard disks.... check it out! There are guests on my dozen cds that include Dee Daniels, Paul Horn, Nancy Ruth, Christine Duncan, Warren Hill, Miles Black, Amanda Wood, Brian Bromberg, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Marc Antoine, and many more!