Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#Bones that Know "Helping you to move forward on your journey"

Many of us have those moments where we wonder how we are going to move forward in our lives. Unsurety of our next move and fear that we are going to make the same mistakes that we made in the past could leave us insecure about an investment in a relationship, business venture, property, career decisions, or.....(fill in the blanks,) Let's face it we are all spiritual beings on a human journey and we are here to learn so much. It is only natural to trip and falter on that journey as we learn our lessons along the way. I believe that we each possess the key to an inner well of information and knowledge within and the problem being that we need our vessel and our minds to be clear to acccess this information and to trust that the connection gives us the power to use it. Not all of us understand how to tap into this source even though our connection is strong and some of us dive into it at will.

I beleive that I move easily between the veil of the known/unknown, seen/unseen, heard/unheard, visible and invisible, realms of the Universe. I do not see death as an ending but as movement through the veil into other realms, dimensions, galaxies, unlimited potential. I respect the pain expereinced by others because of a passing of a loved one but I also sense, feel the presence of the one passing over and I choose to connect with the higher vibration of this energy if possible, which is not always what the bereaved individual is connecting with. Not only do I connect with those passing over in this way but also with those that have passed over, the Ancestors, and those that are here now. When I connect in this manner I will only speak what I believe to be the Truth revealed at a higher vibration.

I beleive that I am highly intuitive or "psychic" as some refer to it as. I see this as a gift that I use to assist others to connect or re-connect with the inner well of knowledg at a higher vibration. I use Afrikan divination as a tool to open the "door" to the unseen aspect of your worlds and we delve into it together to resolve mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic (the five lower bodies) issues, blocks, etc. in your life. I am a compassionate listener and have the ability to stay outside of the situation to allow you an inside out look at your life. Hands on and remote healing sessions assists to release the five lower bodies of the attachment to any lower vibrating energies that create holding patterns that keep you "down " in your life. I also create magic symbols and creams and potions to assist in maintianing a higher vibration. My mission in Truth is to "Help you to move forward on your journey" and to anchor you into a higher vibration. Blessings

Surrey music scene

Well, it has been a while since I wrote a post. I was actually reading over my posts from February and was amazed at how much work I have been doing and how much my boundaries have increased. My social circles have broadened I have great new friends and activities happening in my life. I even have a weekly "Mother and Son" karaoke evening at Jack's Public House on Monday night in Fleetwood. Please come join us if you wish, it starts about 8ish and they also have an acoustic only jam on Wednesday evenings at this venue. Other great evenings are the open mic jam on Friday and karaoke on Wednesday at the Barrel Public House in Newton starting about 7. Come early if you want to perform on Friday as you have to sign up for this one and the list gets long. So many awesome perfomers and musicians at this event which also pours out into the Loft Bar and Grill in Cloverdale on Saturday evening and Sunday out on the patio. News is that there is also a great open mic at Donegals Pub on Thrusday evenings in Surrey. That leaves Tuesday which in truth I have forgotten, but have been told of a open mic somewhere. Let me know if you have ears on this one.