Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Living in the Now and Letting Go of the Then

Having balance is very important in staying healthy in general for all of us. We balance our diet, work and play, relationships, healthy living, finances, emotions and more. We are constantly walking that thin line “between love and hate” on a daily basis.

When I decided to overcome my chronic ails, I also had to make the choice to no longer allow my insecurities and doubts to devour me and thereby rule my existence. It came to light that I had so successfully pushed my cannibalistic thoughts deep down into my mind and that they were affecting me in my every day world. The chronic pain and illness, and constant thinking was taking away from me energetically and weakening me, slowing my forward movement.

My objective was to change my environment so that it embraced the atmosphere of the sacredness that I experienced when I lived on the Sunshine Coast. It was there living in a cabin under the trees by the beach surrounded by nature that I embraced the Wyse Womyn healer within. At the moment that I had the thought that I felt this was lost to me was when I realized that It was my inner environment that needed changing. It was that “light that goes on” when you hit truth. The Wyse Womyn still existed, but it was all the clutter that I was hoarding that was interfering with my relationship with her.

Living in the city was quite a culture shock and I had become more involved in my outer world than I was used to while living on the Coast. There were so many distractions to pull me away from my place of peace and sacredness. I had accustomed myself to being more focused on the material world and the struggle of white collar society.

I must admit that living in the big city (Vancouver Lower Mainland and dealing with the trials and tribulations and becoming wrapped up in everyday struggle with everyone else has strengthened me in ways that were necessary. I have overcome a lot of family issues just by being here and making myself available and that has shifted me in a big way. I now have the “Lady Balls” to speak up and deal with things that I used to let just move past me. I also have a clearer insight to things that used to elude me.

The big bonus is that I have cleared so much mental interference and this has allowed my energy to transcend so I am now a vessel for channeling some pretty powerful energy sources. All in all I truly have become a better person by dealing with the material world on a bigger scale. I am so prepared for whatever is to come my way. The Universe only puts before you what you can handle and I am confident that I can handle quite a load at this time.

My challenge right now is balancing my thoughts. I am successfully eliminating the negatives, the “I can’t” and “what ifs” thoughts and replacing them with the energy of love and acceptance. I know that I have to be persistent and teach myself to no longer accept the debilitating string of mental interference that holds me back. The more I release the easier it becomes to stay in the flow and release my attachment to the “then” and live fully in the “now”.