Friday, November 22, 2013

The Magical Cauldron Fair, Surrey B.C.

False Evidence - Honoring the Inner Ear

In contemplating fear I realize that it is the biggest reason that many of us do not step into “who we really are in this lifetime”. It brings to mind the acronym for a workshop facilitated by Fred Shadian a few years back – FEAR –False Evidence About Reality which was the theme of the workshop that led into a Firewalk which I did. I learned that by seeing ourselves as unlimited beings we leave no room for fear or False Evidence.

With an open mind I proclaim that our whole life is based upon the story of those who influence us the most in our lives and the story of the Collective Unconscious since day one. Who is to say or judge that everything we were taught and/or the way we were taught what we know was correct? For example, a tree is a tree because someone said it was. If we were told that tree was a foot and no one else intervened, we would spend our life believing that this was true. Thus it could be true to say that who we are today may be based upon the influence, and sometimes approval of some outside force.

False Evidence exists everywhere because unfortunately we are products of a fear-based society. If you watch T.V. every day and believe the stories that you hear through the media you would soon become a controlled fear- based being. You make the choice about how you frame your reality and how you assist those in your care to frame theirs.
I recall when Womyn resorted to burning their bras to put a point across. I also remember picketing the United States Consulate in Winnipeg to protest against Apartheid and the import of South African goods. Those who are meant to take care of the bigger picture do not always hold the vision of the whole in mind.

Peer pressure is a means of controlling the youth of today as they are so afraid of not being accepted concerning how they look, act, eat, and think. At some point in time we decided to give up a part of our basics right and trust those who we put in charge to run this country to look over our greater good. Like the peel of an onion the story of trust unwinds or rewinds itself as does our roles in the story.
Only when we come together in love as a whole and unite in the teaching of youth, issues of human equality and the care of the Elders, animals and the planet can we overcome the False Evidence we have created about our reality. When we choose to stand together and hold all men, Womyn and children, and all life as precious and valued in our hearts then the world will exist in love and peace.

Love is meant to heal all pain and misery only if we allow it to be so. A united global love can open up the heart of the Unconscious Collective and shift the energy of the Earth plane as we know it. We could transcend as a collective and eradicate all hunger, war, and conflict.
This ideal situation is my opinion but it is one that I believe can be attained. When one heart opens to trust and unconditional acceptance it move past its own False Evidence ant this opens the way for others to do the same like the dominos effect. It’s always about choice.