Friday, March 25, 2016

Being The Goddess Within

Lately I have been approached by different folk from different walks of life concerning the work that I am involved in, mainly my connection with the Goddess. The articles that I recently wrote on “Aphrodite- The Temple of Love – Our Sacred Space” is just my opinion based somewhat on what I have learned through reading, research, listening and working with many Womyn in this area.

The previous blog post on Aphrodite covered just one aspect of the personality of that particular Goddess. I have decided to break down each of the Greek Goddess personalities into categories such as: the Mother/daughter relationship (in the home), environment (out in the world), Profession (complimentary careers), Partners (marriage and unions), the Inner Goddess (the pros and cons of the personality).

I believe that in our search to understand ourselves we may become too attached to one aspect of who we are and may find it difficult to move out of our skin and deal with other areas of our lives. Womyn in her wholeness embraces all aspects of the Goddess as she goes within and grows and accepts who she is. I believe we embrace the different aspects as we deal with what life puts before us.

I also believe that as we allow our creative nature to grow and express ourselves unconsciously we also embrace our deeper inner needs. When this occurs we also let go of the fear of who we are as we become less attached to the ego self and more in tune to our inner needs and desires.

Working with the Goddess is natural and comfortable for me. I feel blessed to be able to connect energetically with this flow of knowledge and wisdom. As I write and channel this information I invite you to join me and continue to send me messages and comments. I am blessed to attract such amazing people into my circle of life.

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