Monday, June 25, 2018

Creating Sacred Space

" If in any way we ignore the fact that we attracted this situation into our lives and we have control of it when we let go and just be, then we don't become the drama"

The past few months I have been focusing on being at one with my inner peace. With strong intentions when I begin to drift into those shady places I bring myself back. Very consciously I visualize symbols of peace around me and breathe them throughout my five lower bodies. I find myself spending more time with me. The past few weeks have been challenging and I found myself struggling to keep my space clean. Today was even more intense and in the middle of probably my worst struggle of all for some time I got it. This thought floated through my mental space "If you treat yourself as the Goddess/God that you are, then you will always feel good about who you are." I stopped beating myself up and smiled and then laughed. It was just that easy!

Wow! I thought after all these years it was just that simple. But it really isn't that simple just being who we are or who we see yourself becoming. We get so caught up in the drama around us and it is so addictive and our mirror gets foggy. We start taking in the attitude and actions of others and next thing we know, we are the drama. If in any way we ignore the fact that we attracted this situation into our lives and we have control of it when we let go and just be then we don't become the drama. No one can pull us into it or make it happen, we make the choice to let our emotions become a part of it and we vibrate our energy with it and become immersed in it once again. It can only happen if we let it, whatever the "it" may be in your life.

So now I am fighting my way out of some bad habits I have picked up over the past six years living in Surrey. It feels good like I just walked away from a prison sentence, which it is only my emotions were the bars holding me back. I know this is going to create big change in my life and believe me I am open to it. This comes at a good time as I am manifesting a new home or a big change in homelife and holding a peaceful space with make it even more welcome

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I was just thinking of how much programming we are exposed to if we have a t.v.
I hear messages of not being safe in the home because of falling or break-ins, or using the wrong products or not using the right products. Not being safe in the street unless using a certain product, My car isn't safe unless I purchase certain products, My children, and my neighborhood are not safe. The air I breathe and the food I consume may not be safe. A constant flow of negative programming streaming in from the media to support the financial needs of those that keep the media thriving. In my work, I have come across so many people who are afraid to break the "rules" of society that they choose to believe and although the only outcome may be their neighbors or community may not approve they are fearful. They are in dread that someone may find out their children have done something that the community may scorn them for.

This fear-based society that we live in presents a huge problem for us as individuals. When we don't monitor the programs our children are watching they may become a victim of this fear-based programming. We ourselves are victims because if we watch t.v. for even an hour a day we are exposed to it. How often have you gone out looking for a certain product because you saw it on t.v. or heard it could help you in some way have a better life. How often have you spent money on something that proved worthless in the end? Maybe you decide to have a healthier lifestyle and invest in a high-end juicer, and supplements or some other electrical gadget to make life easier that sits in a cupboard somewhere in your home. Hmmm sounds familiar to me.

I believe that the biggest problem is that so many of us do not realize that we have bitten into the whims of the media, that we have become pawns to the needs of this fear-based life we are living. When we internalize fear it manifests itself as dysease within the body. I believe that many of the chronic illness we are experiencing in society is a by-product of fear based thinking. I also think that the "attitude" of our children is being influenced by the violent online games they become addicted to and the imaging of the glamorous people in the media. Even reality tv is damaging as it depicts a small percentage of lifestyles of a small group. We still bite into it and although it is mostly staged how many of us believe it to be real.

So what is real? Well, that's easy, your life is reality and tv and what the media offers is an escape from your reality. You make your reality what it is based on what you choose to believe and thereby attract into your space. Your self-talk (all those crazy thoughts you might ignore) is the mechanics that create the energy you attract into your life. Yes, all that background underlying stuff does affect your life and what happens in it. If you really want to change your mind then listen carefully to those thoughts and turn them around. Don't let your made up fears rule your world and what you believe your reality to be.

Imagine a world made up of your deepest desires and passions without the fear attached to it. The fear of success or failure, the fear of being noticed, the fear of being different, the fear of being broke or not having enough. We each have our own sack of stuff that we make excuses around that are our own fears. What if for one hour a day we picked one fear and turned it around, wrapped it in positive thoughts and saw them for what they really are. We change our mind about who we are in relation to what we are fearing. We take charge of our fears and move through them one at a time and as often as we need. Just one hour away from the tv or phone or computer unless we need to write or use some creative method of dealing with the fears. My outlet is writing. What could yours be?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Making Choices in the Moment

I had a vivid lucid dream the other night and I am sure it was the result of a free workshop that I was participating in hosted by Deepak Chopra's introductory course to his online workshop " "Synchrodestiny ". Last week before participating in the online intro workshop I watched a show about the swamps of Florida and swamp men hunting alligators, and giant cobras and one guy actually caught a giant pirana which they called a puca with adult-sized teeth. I thought about my father and how he loved fishing and how I felt regret about not learning how to fish That night in my Dreamtime I was thinking the thought about regretting not learning how to fish and then I was beside a lake which I knew was full of fish and I had a fishing rod in my hand and someone asked if I need help and I said no and I prepared the rod and threw it into the lake and I felt the pull on my line. I could actually feel myself reeling the fish in. I felt so proud of myself and so connected with my father.

My intent is always to reach another level of awareness on my journey. I accomplish this by letting go of "stuff": emotions, ego, expectations, disappointments, anger, frustrations. All the heaviness that keeps me stuck in patterns I acknowledge their existence in my space and then I strive to raise my energy above what is holding me down. I usually apply several techniques to move through things. I listen to recordings which I take the time to make that guide me away from my stuff, sometimes I use the resources on the internet also I love some of the binaural beats which can be easily found on Youtube. I meditate and move energy throughout my body, lightening up those dark areas. I change my self-talk with the use of intention. I walk, stretch, exercise to move energy that weighs me down. Diet is also very important in letting go. I drink more water and eat less meat and add a lot more greens to my daily intake.

It's surprising how the toxic people seem to disappear as my energy starts to peak. I do become more sensitive to energies and my environment in general. A lot of times I prefer to be by myself, not alone because I can be my own best company at the best of times. I have many creative outlets so I do entertain myself. I am open to the company of anyone who can hold their space and are on a like-minded level and desire companionship; friend, lover, brother, sister, whatever. I consider everyone I connect with as my teacher and pay great attention to the lessons awarded me. I am grateful for the gifts that I received from everyone that has been a part of my life in any way.

Right this moment I am struggling with a situation that is resulting from having to share yard space with someone who brought a dog into the space and does not clean up after it. I lost my temper but I feel I needed to vent because after hearing "I'll take care of it" 3 or 4 times, it gets to be frustrating. All I want is for the dog to be taken out for walks to do her business so the children who live upstairs are not walking barefoot in dog mess. The owner of the dog does not want to take responsibility so I vent. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do until you get that you are creating your own misery by the way you are reacting, I must admit that it felt good to vent and get it out of my system and the dog is still running free doing her mess in the yard. At this time I have to let go of the frustration and accept that I did put out my intent while venting and hope for the best. I can only control my space and my emotions and the dog does what a dog does. Other people live by their own standards and either I accept it and not use the yard or know I have put out my intent and expect the best to happen. I choose the latter.

Again I have been presented with a situation that moved me out of my center. I also just listened to Deepak Chopra's last installment of his free introduction to his online workshop " Synchrodestiny", and what stuck out for me was when he shared that he has been working on this material for decades. I can relate to that and at that moment I realized that I had the tools necessary to pull myself right out of all the family drama. So that is exactly what I did. Living in the drama for the past 6 years and at some point making a choice to be a part of it ends right now. I breathe deeply and with ease and I feel good about this decision. I can actually see a new path opening for me and I know it is the more peace and adventure that I seek.

Every day and every situation is a lesson to be learned and lived. When we realize this life becomes the University that it is and we immerse our self into being students and learning the hard way or the easy way. Letting go of needing to blame others for our life situation is an easier path to enlightenment. By always giving our self choices we empower our self to let go and not be a victim in life. So I continue to write to keep things light and airy in my space.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hold On!: - Life is good

We are all powerful beings although we often do not see or recognize our-self as such.
We all have our strengths, things that we are good at but we also have weaknesses. I believe that we have accomplished something in our lives that we felt we could not achieve. No matter how small it may seem to be right now just for this moment accept it as a success in your life. There has to be a moment in your existence when you told yourself “ Gee I never really thought I could get here, or do this” or some similar response.

Now if only we could hold on to those moments; trap them within our-self and pull them out when we need a good kick n the butt. But who says we can't? Just follow along as I ponder on this based on my own life experiences. Now can you recall the first time ever that you felt depressed? Unhappy? Sad? I bet you that this is an easy place to remember (more than likely easier to feel than your last moment of success) and for many of us familiar. I think depression is a chronic illness that drags sad and unhappy along with it and disappointment, and frustration are close behind. You may have your own personal stragglers that follow along this path also as I do. It is so much easier to move into this mood because sometimes we are so unaware that we go there. Depression is like comfort food, we know it may not be good for us for so many reasons but what the heck, we indulge anyway.

Depression is a state of being that I have great respect for because if you let it grab you by the nose and pull you through you will find yourself swimming in some rather murky, gooey waters. The one good thing about it is that it is one of those things that we choose to attach our-self to, kind of like our other addictions so trust me there is always a choice with any addiction no matter how hard it may seem.. It's funny I see people who say they are depressed and after speaking with them I may find out that they have some type of addiction, let's say alcohol, or marijuana or maybe both which may be either a cause of their state of being or a byproduct. An addict may be in great denial and refer to them self as a social drinker/ smoker and may be eager to point out others that are alcoholics and never seeing there own addictive behaviour. This could be anyone from any walk of life, from a social drop out to anything in between or a hard working person making good money and never really getting anywhere because they have directed their passion to their addiction and that which they have not accomplished in their lives.

Now I am going to run amok and paint a scenario of an addictive personality which many of us have.
So let's say we are dealing with a drinker and a marijuana smoker combo being a person who drinks every day and has to smoke a few joints per day. This could also be someone addicted to emotional drama, material possessions, food, sex, you name your game as you see fit. Now we all have our levels of functioning and we have different lives to live. So this person has a regular routine and functions well within it. Usually, they are in lack emotionally maybe focusing a lot of attention to the past and how hard their life was and maybe trying to reach out for what they think they have missed in their lives. So as they say you get what you put out and struggling becomes the theme of their existence and they attract more of what they are lacking(bringing back visions of my past now). Usually, they find someone or something to blame their neediness on and may convince them self this is a valid reason for being depressed, addicted, unhappy frustrated, etc.

Well yeah, been there done that for some time. Then one day, maybe 3 decades ago I actually heard and got a message from several sources, “don't allow yourself to be depressed for more than that fifteen minutes; after that focus your attention on something else.” I tried it and I had to redirect my attention several times but after awhile I began to forget to be depressed because I was too busy doing something else. Funny how that works! I dare you to try it out and let me know or maybe I am just that weird that it worked for me, Anyway it is a technique that I still use to climb out of the dumps. If you are really struggling, I suggest you get help from some type of professional because honestly, I work every day on my stuff just to stay afloat. I think that as long as I live I will be a participant in this school of life. I have been in the Wellness business for many decades and have a trunk full of gifts that I work with (very compressed one at that) and although I don't preach to everyone but I do enjoy writing my thoughts down and sharing. This is also a great way to move those ever-flowing stream of thoughts, write or preach if you may, just get things moving away from you. Stop holding on to heavy thoughts and ideas, learn to move yourself up and away from them (in your mind's eye literally) rise above them and learn to breathe in deep into your soul. Try walking in nature at least three days a week, find a park or plot of grass, garden or tree to connect with if you have to as nature is truly the Universes healing force. These are things that really work for me the best is walking in a forest for at least an hour. This brings me to a place of peace within that stays with me for days (a few hours in greenery or by water).

I am proud to be a student in the University of Life and I know that every day is a lesson in living. I work towards leaving struggles behind me and making the way for more light and love. I am once again focusing on a drama free life to leave room for more joy and passion. It is a challenge with so much family and friends around but the best things we can do for each is other is to not bite into each other stress and worry. Share good times with each other and respect each other's space. Remember who you are in that place of quiet and hold on to that. Life is good

Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Passion for Success

What thoughts will run through your mind when you contemplate the past year to yourself. How will you feel? Where will these memories take you? What was your biggest blessing? How have you affected others in your life for the past year?

How do these questions affect you as you read them? Do you feel as though you were taken on a ride over the past year or have you accomplished some preset goals that you made for yourself? We are what and who we think we are and we live what we believe. We may set goals to reach and sometimes they happen and sometimes sh_t happens. So how do we avoid the latter from happening?

It really is true that we live what we think. We may believe that we are putting forth the energy we need to manifest in our lives but when was the last time you stopped to listen to the nagging voice in the background of your mind? For instance, maybe you walk past a store and see something that you really like and have wanted for a while on sale. Your first instinct is to go in and buy it, but that little voice from nowhere starts in on you ”You can't afford it, It won't look good on you, you are too fat today. You don't really need it.” and so forth and so on. But then maybe its an opportunity that presents itself through an acquaintance when you least expect it to and the volume goes up on the background gibberish in your mind “I am not really prepared for this right now. He may think my idea is crazy. She probably does not want to be bothered right now. Self-sabotage is so common and the source is always our insecurities.

We can blame it on karma, the past, someone or something else but it's like a boomerang, it will always come back to you. First of all, have gratitude for what you have accomplished over the past year no matter how menial you may think it is. No matter how small it is the little things that matter and make a difference. We can pass these moments of insecurity off as little things but it may be these little things that are keeping us from accomplishing that one big thing that we have on our minds. If we have a passion for something, we must not allow these little thoughts that have stopped us before to get in the way. When we allow our passion to take over it creates a flow that allows us to move almost effortlessly to what we desire.

The only way to move past these little moments is to find a way to nip them in the bud at the source. You can only address them in the Now moment. Your insecurities are based on your Root chakra which is an energy disc located around the lower back between the hips. See this area as a comforting red color and breath into it. When you hear that nagging or feel the emotion that comes with it, change the feeling to a more uplifting or successful feeling and turn that thought around. The message you send in there is” I am worthy and I deserve this right now.” and use this message as a mantra to manifest all that you desire. Take your passions like a bull by the horns and direct them with the energy of success. Make this new year, a year of more success in your life.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

What Dreams Are Made Of

How do you live your life without experiencing your dreams? How do you integrate your passions into your material world? When do you make decisions of paying a fat mortgage, never-ending car payments, designer clothes, the latest new gadgets over spiritual gratification? How do you bring yourself back from getting so tightly wrapped into that spiral of trying to find satisfaction in the material world? When do we stop and follow our dreams?

Many of us work really hard to have the things that are important for us in our lives. Sometimes we become so focused on what we have to do that we forget about our passions. We may go on day in and day out determined to maintain our everyday routine because it fulfills our material manifestations. We may be dying inside every day and ignoring it because everything on the outside is taken care of. One day someone like me, for instance, may ask you “Why are you struggling so much doing something that does not make you happy?” The answer I usually get is the same. “I am doing this because it gives me enough money to pay my bills and take care of my life and if I don't do this, if I follow my passions my material world will fall apart.” Now, this really is being stuck between a rock and a hard thing. But this is also a very familiar place for most of us.

I have witnessed people whose lives begin to fall into pieces, and they keep patching the pieces together; holding on to the strings of what they need to do to survive. They may become stressed and worn from patching their lives together but they keep holding on to those strings, tying knots and praying for their lives to get better. The older a person is and the more responsibility they have taken on seems to secure the anchor that holds them in these patterns.

Sometimes they share their dreams with me, dreams that they have pushed aside because they have convinced them self that they cannot move on and pick up the dream where they left off lifetimes ago. It is when they truly feel that this is their duty, their responsibility that they become so ingrained in being that person. They feel that they will let everyone down who depends upon them if they stop for a minute to actually look at the possibility of doing something else.

My question is, “How do you live your life without experiencing your dreams?” Why make it so difficult to find and have more joy in your life. How dare you make your family or any part of your life an excuse for not opening up to the creative forces within you. When did having a hobby become obsolete? I remember a time when having a hobby was normal and encouraged. I remember my mother as a single parent used to buy my brothers miniature models, fish, turtles, and sports and other boy things to spark their interest. With us girls, she gave books to read, taught us how to knit and crochet, encourage us to sew and cook and lessons in skating and swimming. She taught us all card games and board games always working towards keeping our hands busy and our minds open.

How do you walk away from that much creativity as a child and become an adult with no outside interest besides working and having a beer and watching TV.? What makes your curiosity blank out completely and keep you stuck in thinking you cannot express your creative desires because you are grown and busy? Have you become your father or mother or the father or mother that you never had. Are you trying to prove something to yourself? Where did your passion go, where is it hiding?

What were your dreams made of in that long ago time? Can you still see them, touch them, feel them? If you can then it is so easy to get up and do them. It just takes one thought to follow through with just one time. Let go and see where it takes you.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trust Me?...

To be true in a relationship, one must be true to the very heart of who they are. When we fall in love we want to give our all and more to that other. We want to commit to this one being and be there for them in all ways. We expect trust and honesty and nothing less.

Balance Unconditional Love(picture)

Alas, but fate may have other plans in store for us because one day the unthinkable occurs. True love has deceived us and our whole world has fallen apart and we are heartbroken and devastated! It may not be true love but a friend, our health, or some other life circumstances that we committed our self to that went sour suddenly. Our world comes crashing down around us and we now find it almost impossible to find solid ground to stand upon.

But first, there is the deep disappointment to deal with and the fear, anger, hurt, confusion, and the doubt and shame. It's funny how we can turn something so beautiful as love and/or passion and allow it to become so many other unloving emotions by just one bad thought. But when we are in the midst of our sorrow we are not thinking of what we are doing to our self, but only of how we got here and usually of who or what turned us in this direction. Now we are no longer in trust and when we continue on this path we move into a very insecure foundation for the relationship(s) to operate on. So now we are trusting ourselves less because Trust demands a one hundred percent commitment in order to be present at its very best in the Now Moment.

But who is not Trusting who? It is it me or you, or them or maybe my whole world will fall out of Trust and nothing will ever be the same. At this point, I must say that I am so glad that I have six decades of experience to cushion me in those moments and the good thing about this is that you may believe me when I say that it gets easier in time. But whatever you believe let me not leave you hanging and I will continue with this scenario. So Trust has taken a walk, stage left out of our lives and our world is crashing all around us.

Now we may need someone to blame for the way we are choosing to feel or react to because of what had knocked us off our feet. We may think or believe that by directing anger and hurt toward someone else, that they will actually see how we feel and maybe change things back to some sense of normality. But it is the belief that they have done me wrong that has brought me to this place with no Trust. Without Trust comes a lot of sadness, drama, depression, blame, dysfunctions, addictions etc. The only problem with moving away from Trust is that we now do not trust our self so we now carry doubt very close to us as we attempt to look for answers.

The funny thing about holding on to any limited emotion is that we take our self back into our past and connect with every moment that we felt this way. If we are fragile enough, we may then begin to judge our life by what we are feeling. If we continue to see the relationship that we are dealing with through these eyes, it will obviously begin to crumble. We have chosen a crooked path to walk upon.

Now we are really in a dump and maybe feeling justified to be in this hole we are digging. (Right now I feel as though I used to be so good at beating myself up because this is so easy to share and remember.) Things may even get worse depending on the mental state one is in when experiencing being deceived. So there are a few things I have learned over the years that I must now share. Just see this as food for thought. Feel free to agree or disagree at any time.

First and most important: When we feel hurt the first thing we do is look for someone to blame for our feelings. Never do we stop to think about how “our feelings” can only be created or felt by us and only us. We seek out the object of our blame with the only intention being to make them see, and/or understand how we feel. An impossible mission but one we all attempt many times in our life. This is the point where we are headed down a one way street with a dead end but human nature, being what it is, we continue down the dark alley once again. We may consult with good friends and they attempt to understand what is going on and usually project their own version of what they assume we feel. They also may share their life circumstances that accompany the emotions and give advice based on their own life experience.

Remember this, since we have chosen to “feel this way, it will only get better when we choose not to feel this way anymore. When we actually get that the difficulty is not in trusting the other person to be who we expect them to be but to get back to trusting who we are and the choices that we are about to make. All we can do is get input from this other person and maybe get a sense of where they are coming from. If this is the first time a problem has occurred then it may or may not be easier to make choices. There is a place within us that knows on a soul level exactly what is going on at all times with all relationships. We are all human beings on a spiritual journey (or is it the other way around ?). I believe that this journey guides us through situations to help us grow and mature on a spiritual level. We all cannot choose to live on the mountain away from the material existence, that would make life very boring for many of us. So in the real world, we have created, we must learn to trust those deep gut feeling within us.

Another point I need to make is that when we fall in love and somehow put another being on a bit of a pedestal we actually bring our self down. The fluff around love sometimes blinds us a bit as we go through the “honeymoon stage” of relationships. The intensity of the emotions also mushrooms our vision of who this person is. Sometimes we feel so at one with this person that we think we know exactly who they are. We may even ignore those signs that come up, telling our self that they would never do that to us even though their past history may be somewhat daunting. The truth of the matter is that what we are seeing in that person is actually a mirror of who we are becoming. We see our true selves in the love that we share with others or maybe who we wish to be.

So now its time to find some Trust. In order to do this, we have to decide exactly who we are, what we want, and what we are willing to put up with. We may also have to decide how much work we are actually willing to put into a relationship; how much are you willing to commit to? Sometimes you have to be willing to guide and teach the other how to be in a Trusting relationship. We also have to believe completely in our self and our feelings and our sense of what is going on around us. If you cannot find Trust within you, how will you know how to Trust another?

Oh but the one thing I have learned in my sixty plus years is that I bounce, or fly, or swim and sometimes do the unimaginable without a thought. I have learned to trust the Universe and know that she puts many lessons before me. All the people that I have fallen out with have taught me my greatest lessons in life. The greatest gift I can give myself is to hold them in the light and send them love. The only healthy way to get out of a broken heart or heartbreaking disappointment is to take full responsibility for your emotions and bite the bullet and move forward. Try to understand the strength that you have gained from your experience and the value it has added to you in your life.