Monday, April 1, 2019

The Ace in Your Life

It’s funny how one day you actually get that life can really be played like a game. I was sitting at the computer playing a game of “Free Cell” and I had to laugh at myself as I figured it out once again that the only way to win was to have a plan. Step one was to look at the whole board and find my starting point which was the Aces. Then I had to be able to create empty spaces where I could place runs (4, 3, 2, 1, etc) to move the cards around to reveal the Aces, two’s, three’s, etc. So I created this formula or plan around the game which allows me to win most of the time. But sometimes I get to the point where a message comes up and tells me there are no more available moves left and if I wish I can undo all my moves and start over or quit and play another game.

Now this is when the plan comes in handy, because if I have just haphazardly began making moves I never remember which move led me to a dead end. Now I have the choice to undo the whole game and play again or if I had a plan I simply go back to the move that brought me to the message and play with more awareness so I do not make the same wrong move. By more awareness, I mean keeping an eye on the board and making sure that every move I make leads to another move or an open space that acts like a door to new choices. Sometimes I walk away and focus my attention on other things before continuing and this gives me a fresher perspective. My other option is that I can choose to quit altogether and start a new game and a new plan.

This is what we do in life if we wish to be successful in reaching our dreams and desires, we create a plan. The trick is having a plan that works because sometimes we may eagerly start off but maybe we have not put the right intention into our plan. It could be that we have to unwind a little of our past in order to find the Ace, or the first step so everything falls into place. Unwinding our lives is not always easy as clicking a mouse or icon on the computer but it will give us the same opportunity to start over again and follow the plan which we may have to amend a bit to make it work. Unwinding is also a great way to open up new doors in our lives.

Sometimes we know deep inside what we need to do but have no idea how to make the first move. This is when we must open ourselves up to reaching out to someone who can give us the guidance we need to move forward. You never know what will happen once you open up, either you seek out help or Majikally someone or something appears with the answer to your request. Remember there are no coincidences so use these moments to jump into opportunities. Did I mention that I have a ninety-five percent winning average on playing just over five hundred games? (It’s my old computer from 2002) Now the challenge is to apply it to my life.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Straighten Up - Fly Right - Unwinding Abuse

It is a weak man who stands up in a Womyn's face when she is confronted by another Womyn. If a Womyn does not have the strength to deal with what she puts out then she really should not make herself appear weaker by having her man getting involved in the situation. This tells me that she may be the victim of this type of treatment herself so she does not see the wrongness of it. Womyn especially those who are close and/or family need to lean to resolve there differences with each other as this usually brings them closer eventually, either to each other or with themselves. It may be inner issues related to Self that is healed in order to resolve disputes between them.

I know that the Womyn in my family and extended family often disagree with each other but we keep that between us “girls”. We do not need the men in our lives to speak for us and put them self in jeopardy by jumping into the middle of a situation. I have to say the men in our lives quickly learn that when the Womyn fight and if you chose to get in the middle you might be the one getting hurt. I personally would have no qualms in calling the police if I saw any of the men physically hurting another Womyn. Men are usually built to have more physical strength than we do so if they wish to engage physically they either need to find another man or go to the gym and knock themselves out, or just walk away because they know they are wrong every-time.

If there is a man in your life who pushes you around, physically or emotionally or manipulates you with emotional issues then I tell you straight up, he is wrong every-time. There is no place in anyone's life where this is right or even acceptable. None of us deserve this type of treatment from anyone in any way, shape or form. So at this point if this creates a reaction in you then maybe the proceeding statements will also (not applicable to every situation) ring some truth.

You may be attracting this energy into your life. The only way this is happening is because at some time you gave permission to this individual to communicate in this manner. It may be that you did not have the communication skills necessary to “nip it in the bud”, from the beginning and you thus became a victim of the circumstances. If you feel like a victim then I suggest you deal with that immediately. Do whatever you need to stop having these emotions. Go see a professional or demand that your “stalker” either stop go see someone to help with their issues. Tell someone about it right in front of your offender. Use your voice. If you do not feel safe to do this then you are in a situation that you may need to remove yourself from immediately.

Relationships are a lot about communicate and healthy communication is essential. Healthy emotions are required in order to have healthy communication. It is impossible to have a fruitful conversation when all you are doing is throwing unhealthy emotions back and forth and expecting the other person to be responsible for them. You are the Priestess in your Temple and it is your responsibility to care and nurture your emotions to a vibration that will attract like energy. Relationships that are “glued” together because of not wanting to upset the other by saying or doing the wrong thing are straight up wrong in so many ways.

My point is that if you are going to do a long term relationship than we should honour ourselves by at least doing it right. That actually is the trick to it. Honour thyself at all times. No one is going to show us the respect that we feel we deserve if at some level we actually feel that we do not deserve it. Holding on to emotions of fear and feeling like a victim will be the energy that we are putting out no matter what level we are feeling it. Hiding or denying how we feel will not change that energy. It is all you and it is what the Universe is receiving from you and returning to you because it is the frequency that you are broadcasting. Let go of the inner victim. Do the work necessary to accomplish this and you will change your life. When you feel like a victim you usually also feel as though you do not have full control of your life and this can spill over into other areas of your life, such as your finances, or your children. Your truly are what you believe so please work on believing that you are truly amazing and able to accomplish all of your intentions with the will of the Creator. You are too beautiful to be abused or misused in any way and you deserve the respect and love of all those around you. Even your disagreements should result in bringing more love into your life. When we choose to learn to love ourselves unconditionally then we are ready to create the best life possible.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dysable the Enabler

Unfortunately today addictions of many kind are common in society. There must be many of us who are exposed to loved ones and friends dealing with addictions and maybe at one time we may have had our own story to tell. For some reason society has managed to create a need for drugs that is being filled and creating so many problems. We have fear now over drugs that kill as well as the "usual" fears around drug abuse. Being there as a support for others trying to conquer addiction is a place we may find our self in at some point in our lives. Unfortunately not everyone believes in rehabilitation centres so there have to be alternate paths to healing. We may make ourselves available to help someone but if we are not a drug counsellor or if we have not had the life experience our self we may have to be careful about how much help we can actually offer. When we try to help a family member, we could run into all types of unexpected problems because we may be just too close to the situation to see what is going on and what is truly needed. We may find ourselves trying to help someone with their drug issues and maybe we come to realize that we are not really helping at all. There is such a thin line between helping and enabling so it is a sticky, tricky path to walk. If you have someone who actually is being successful in overcoming drugs that you are helping, there is that chance that they may begin to see you as their Savior and that is a shaky path to walk upon.

When we choose to idolize another, we dig a hole for our self which is really hard to climb out of while we see another as our reason for being happy. I am not saying that you don't need someone who can help but when you become so attached to that other that you begin to idolize them, then there may by trouble ahead. If something happens where this person is no longer in your life, what will you do, how will you cope. Will life be worth living? The problem will continue to exist until you learn to recognize the Creator within you. You must learn to see the good within you that creates and manifests all that is in your life. Giving everything you are to another will eventually make you feel less, and brings about insecurities and doubts that you can actually be and do you on your own. Not only for you but for the one you choose to give your power away to. No one can live up to being put on a pedestal unless they truly are egotistical. It feels so good when someone recognizes the good within us and compliments us and thanks us but to constantly have to live up to the image of being "the great one" who fixes everything and everyone can bite deeply into ones self esteem as we try hard to live up to the image and think we have to continue to fix everything. It is so much easier at least for me when I give it back to the person by acknowledging that they are the ones that chose to heal and move forward in their life and they are the one doing the work to better their lives.

One way to bypass this dilemma of becoming an enabler is when your worshipper is giving you thanks for once again fixing them, to somehow mention the Creator, or God or the Goddess, whatever Higher Power that you and/or they believe in. Pass the thanks in that direction and encourage the other to give thanks to their Source. Connecting with our Source, our Higher Power is a healthy way of letting go of any addictive problem whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. Give them back their power in some way and let them know that it is with the guidance of the Creator that their healing was made possible. Encourage them to have faith and to believe in not only themselves but the power of the Universe to provide them with what they need at any given time.

Embracing the Divine within is being able to see and feel the light within us, that place where creativity and goodness exists, that place of healing. When we connect with and hold on to that feeling we experience the true love that we have for our self and are able to share this with those around us. This is where self hatred and fear melts away, where we can find that familiar place within that we call home. So just try to make it a daily practise to give thanks to the Creator for your life and your dreams, passions and that which make up your daily routine and each day you will feel more satisfied, more fulfilled with this gratitude.

Monday, January 7, 2019

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The Power of Silence

“The silence was so thick I could cut it with a knife.” This is the thought running through my mind as I focus on silence. I have been working towards silence for the past 6 months. Today is January 1, 2019 and I participated in the most uplifting medication on my quest towards inner silence. The one thing that I had become comfortable with while living on the Sunshine Coast was inner peace, or so I thought at the time. Upon arriving and living in the city I found it difficult to find that level of inner peace so obviously it was just a quick fix that I had discovered, like a bandage on a cut. For some time before now while seeking inner peace I reached for silence and could actually feel it around me as I reached out for it, but it always felt a bit heavy. Today when meditating I decided to lighten up the energy of silence and realized the heaviness that I experienced was actually the weight of my thoughts and emotions but the silence itself was weightless. I focused on this weightlessness and felt thoughts and emotions slowly rising with it and with this in mind I focused more on the weightlessness. It was a very enlightening and powerful meditation and is now going to be one of the biggest lessons I have to learn. Now in order to maintain and accomplish my goal, I have to constantly let go and lighten up my thoughts and emotions to hold the bit of space I managed to surrender to with my hour meditation.

Every lesson is a struggle at first, but with resilience and the will to carry on, I eventually will reach my goals. Walking the Path of the Goddess is not always an easy one but I love where it leads me on this journey. Every choice I make is about being more connected to Source, about being empowered and holding this energy out in the world to attract and show others walking and seeking the Path. Many do not know what it is they seek but most of us are searching for personal power. We all want to feel that we have control of our life, our environment and I have discovered that the only way to have control is to not try so hard to be in control. The best way to do this is to learn how to have a strong sense of how our environment is flowing and become a part of that flow. Once we manage how to flow with our environment, our thoughts and desires will manage what and who flows towards us: The Law of Attraction.

I believe that when I truly reach a comfortable place of inner silence, one that I can hold without struggle, I will become a more powerful tool for the Law of Attraction because my thoughts will be more pure in form without all the clutter and unconscious motives feeding them. In the world today there are a lot of young motivational keynote speakers encouraging us to have a daily routine set up to manifest our goals into fruition. Some of them are so young and so full of energy and so wise and eager to share and I enjoy listening to them and remember when I was so young and so enthusiastic. I agree with some of what they are all saying and I look forward to seeing them mature and become who I see them becoming. I believe the world has a huge opportunity to be a better place because of them.

My style of personal empowerment is based upon a very spiritual foundation. I lean towards mentors like Deepak Chopra who shares information that I can relate to and sometimes I feel as though he has put into words what I have been sharing with people around me but he seems to express it with a deeper meaning for me. I believe that I am a “soul healer” and when I connect with people for readings and sessions I connect on a soul level. This is not always where people think they want to go because it’s not about all the “frills” in their lives, romance, finances, career, but about the fore-mentioned and also of others in direct relationships, barriers to their spiritual growth and paths to follow. When I feel resistance from them I find that place of quiet within me and I use my words to bring them to a place where they can listen as I weave the story for them that they came to hear and maybe did not really know. Everyone truly wants to hear the truth although they may be afraid of what that truth is. Sometimes when they express their fears I simply ask them “are you doing such terrible things in your life that you have to fear what I have to tell you?” No one has yet answered yes to that question. It’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of success and failure, the fear of lack that we may throw out in front of us when we think of our future that scares us. When we focus on believing in who we are and the power of the Universe, God/Goddess, Jesus, Ancestors, however we connect with our Higher Source and continue to reach for the tools we need to move forward on our journey we no longer have to hold on to fear if we use the tools on a daily basis.

Every day is a new beginning for us on our spiritual journey in life. Every day offers lessons, gifts, rewards and opportunities if we are open to them and especially if we stop making up scary stories about what lies ahead. I am using Silence as a tool to connect with the better part of me, you can use your own methods, meditations, prayers, yoga, whatever takes you inward to a place of peace to begin your day. From this place you can manifest whatever your heart’s desire without all the fuss and clutter of the material world.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Addictions and Committment

Addictions/the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.: "he committed the theft to finance his drug addiction" "an addiction to gambling".
Commitment/the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.: "the company's commitment to quality".

This is a great time of the year to be observant of our addictions because it is most likely the one time of the year that we have such great excuses to indulge in them. It’s the holiday season, a time to celebrate, and overeat and overspend and forget about commitments we may have. How did the Holiday season, or Christmas become such a trap for our obsession with the material? How brainwashed have we become that we make the choices some of us may make. Like drinking and driving for instance. I sat in a karaoke bar the other night and had two guys almost attempt to force me to let them buy me a drink all night. I told them I had been drinking earlier before dinner and did not want to put any more alcohol in my body because I wanted to be able to drive home. At one time they both came at me together and one of them begged me to let him buy me a drink and the bartender stood back waiting for me to say yes. I sat choking on my words for a minute and thought of saying yes and not drinking the drink but I was in a bar and I am only human and I knew that I would be very tempted to finish the drink if it was in front of me. I know I scrunched up my face and shook my head and just replied ”No, I can’t, I really want to drive home”, and I ordered a cranberry and soda just to have something other than water in front of me. That seemed to ease their need to buy me a drink also. I watched at the end of the night as one of them who was very drunk got into his car and drove off and I wished I had convinced him to take a cab instead. I guess my commitment to healthy living outweighed the pressure put upon to drink and drive.

This is probably one of the biggest excuses we give ourselves for falling into our addictive pattern; Other people’s expectations that we join them in a “simple” drink, or puff, or toke, or taste of something and they will give us so many good reasons why we should. Also if we are shopaholics we tell ourselves that it makes us feel good to shop or we are just going to go out “window” shopping and not spend any money (yeah right). It could be gambling where we convince ourselves that the next one is the winner or maybe we believe we can do it just one more time and stop. This time of the year is great for food addicts because people are always wanting you to eat something and it is so easy to say “oh well its Christmas”, or “I’ll make a New Year’s resolution to go on a diet” (this is a good one for all addictions)

The only thing I can say is that life is about making a commitment to having a good life. No one is going to make your life that way you need it to be to make you happy. No one is to blame if your life is not going the way you want it to. No one but you is being hurt by your addictions, others may choose to suffer because you are not doing well but that would be their choice, you are still the one causing the pain for you. I am not a dedicated Christian but I believe in and love Jesus. Jesus was so committed to living his life connected to the Source, to the One God as it came to be known that he would not allow anyone to make him waver on his path. He believed so passionately in his connection that he was able to perform miracles. He had great faith which made him who he was. It is this same faith and commitment that we must find within ourselves in order to overcome the urges that we may have to fall into our old habits. We have to believe in something more powerful, wiser, and more loving than we are and have faith this Power, we can call God, or the Universe, or Higher Consciousness, or Buddha, or Goddess, whatever feels right, will guide us on our journey in life. I believe that it is this “Power” that is so loving when we allow ourselves to a part of it, that fills us with unconditional love of self and helps to remove the urges to be in need of material, mental, physical, or emotional satisfactions. When you fill your spirit with the power of Universal love you are no longer in need or in lack. This is when Majik can occur in your life.

So give yourself the gift of love this Holiday season and share this with all those around you and expect miracles to happen. Happy Holidays to you and please build a loving foundation to begin the next year with.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Majik - Letting Go of Labels

On numerous occasions, I have had people approach me and ask me to teach them how to do Majik. This appears to be such a simple request but so much is involved in it. I suggest books they can read and sometimes they are satisfied with this but recently someone explained to me that they just wanted to understand Majik and that left me stumped. He said that he was reading books on witchcraft and the basics of doing spells but he needed to understand what Majik is. For me, this was a challenge as I tried to think of someone to pass him on to while my “crew” (spirit guides and helpers) kept pushing on me to deal with it myself so here we are making an attempt to work together to explain. First and foremost I believe that in order to understand Majik you have to first expand your consciousness by letting go of your attachment to this three-dimensional reality.

The most Majikal experience in life is witnessing the first breath of a newborn babe. That first breath is that one second of innocence born into this existence. As we mature and gather knowledge we lose that innocence. Everything we know and believe to be true, we have been taught by our parents, caretakers, and/or mentors in this lifetime. From our very first breath we were labeled, “baby boy or girl” and then we were given our name(s), another label and these are labels that define who we are and what our potential roles will be in life. We came to know that when we were hungry we needed to eat food and all of that we learned from those around us. Everything thing we see, hear or touch we were told by someone else the label that applied to it, I mean everything. Science has its own approach as well as Religion and Metaphysics, but still, these are all based on opinions passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes theories are proven wrong and then we believe in the new story but we still make the choice what we will believe. Unfortunately, some of us tend to hold on tightly to what we believe and try to force our beliefs onto others. Majik is about letting go of what we think we know and learn how to be more intimate with the Universe and its natural laws.

The labels affecting us most are the ones we first acquired which are what sex we are, who we are and where we come from, sexism, racism, classism. When people see me one of the first questions I will be asked is where do I come from? Sometimes I just want to walk away but I can see in their eyes that it has some meaning to them so I engage in that conversation. What I really want to say is that it is not important, that we are all here now and we have made this our home because I am so far removed from where my grandparents originated from and they were torn from their original country because of slavery so this conversation is really mute. But I don’t want to be a drama queen so I engage in the conversation they expect from me but I know one day that well is going to open and someone is going to experience me ranting on about this (but in a gentle way).

That brings up another barrier to Majik; the need to be who and what we are expected to be. We have so conformed to the roles given us and try so hard to live up to them. Some of us are in fear of exploring other areas or speaking our minds about the simplest things in our lives. Religion is one area where people may become stuck and have a great fear of moving away from even though they really don’t approve of the beliefs of the institute that they have been raised to be a part of. This can also apply to relationships and the need to stay in a situation that may be volatile because of what you have chosen to believe. Remember these are always your choice, even though someone else may have impressed these beliefs upon you, you are choosing to hold on to them. Sometimes it’s a fear of moving out of our comfort zone or it may be the child mind that learned too well to believe that certain groups or individuals had the right to force their beliefs upon us. Also, we may believe that it is our responsibility to suffer over the choices we have made. Remember choices give you the opportunity to explore different experiences in life so you can learn. To grow we have to be willing to move on once we have learned our lesson or we may end up on the wrong end of a situation that does not serve us well. When you feel you have sorted yourself out on some level always think of what’s ahead of you of what the next step is because what is behind you was put there to position you to continue to move forward, like the step of a staircase and you have to keep moving upwards. Sometimes it may be just a thought that we have been ignoring but is connected to our deepest desire. Just taking the one step may open the way for more opportunities more aide, to open that door fully. This is when Majik happens when we surrender our fears and take that step.

For me, Majik occurs by letting go, and if you can read the aforementioned and begin to let go of any rigid belief that you are holding on to then you are taking the first step to understanding Majik. This is just the first in a series of articles I will be writing on Majik as I wish to give anyone interested time to process and maybe do the work on taking the first step. If you need help, ask for it, the Universe is there to serve you.