Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What's on Your Mind?

You are what you think

As a healer I am constantly on the job with me. Energetically I work on a high level and therefore in order to stay an asset to others I have to stay ahead of the game so to speak. When I lived on the Sunshine Coast of B.C. holding my energy clear and high was a piece of cake. I spent a lot of time outdoors, on the beach in nature. Traffic was at a minimum. I now live in Surrey and it is quite the opposite. It seems there is always some noise and people and cars.

I have recently made some decisions about my healing journey that is challenging me to move past who I am now and forward on my journey. Once I committed to the challenge I realized that my biggest problem was my piece of mind. I had become lazy about monitoring the deeper parts of my mind and this is causing me some stress, depression, physical dyscomfort and dysease in my being. I allowed the noise around me to become the norm within me.

I am so not used to so much noise and confusion and disharmony in my environment. Sirens and accidents, the energy of people shooting each other, being mugged, drug addicts. As an empath I began stuffing all of this just to get it out of the way, ignoring it. I still managed to complain about my environment whenever I got the chance and realize that I have been traumatized by so much unrest around me. Obviously I have been walking down the wrong road.

So now what do I do? Where do I go from here? Well this is the easy part. I return to the peace of mind that I brought with me from the Sunshine Coast because this is something that is mine and no one or nothing can take that away from me. It was my choice at some point to give up that piece of mind and allow the energy of my environment to be influenced by outside forces. I see pictures in my mind of people and situations that I have experienced in the past three years that disturbed this peace and I acknowledge them and allow them to be a part of the peace that is me.

Some of you may not understand how this is going to help me. What I have done in this moment is to take back my power, my energy. I created the disharmony when I allowed other people and situations to influence who I am in my life. I became a product of my environment when I allowed my focus to become what was occurring around me. My peace of mind has always been mine but at some point I decided that the noise around me was more important and the complaining and helplessness that I embraced only enforced it. My mind became busier as it aligned with my environment and I felt more helpless, more unrest and dysease. As I take back my power I realize that I am now the solution and no longer the problem.

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