Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Should I or Shouldn’t I

Intention – plan of action; purpose either immediate or ultimate – Webster’s Dictionary

I believe that most of us pass our days by with well meaning intentions but I wonder how often we really get what we actually started out to manifest from the jump?

Seriously, I spend too much of my time in self discovery and I come up with this crazy mind bending stuff and decide to document it and share it. I really have to laugh at myself (lol). Still I realize that I need to refocus my intentions now and this is just a way for me to formulate a plan of action. Since I changed my diet, lost weight and improved my health over the past few months or at least since my blog post on May 7, 2016 http://www.womynsspirituality.com/stories.php from my website Womyns Spirituality, I am actually finally understanding how much I needed to struggle in my life. I chose a tough path to walk when I came onto this plane but there certainly is no need to begrudge myself of an easy flowing life now. Not gonna beat myself up though because I also see how who I was; made me who I am and that is not a bad thing for me.

So after observing the physical, emotional, energetic, and psychic energy and effort that I used to support my journey when I made the commitment to improve my health; provides what is needed for me to refocus in the right direction now. Since I am successful in shifting my health issues around (read the aforementioned article please) I can now move forward with other intentions using the same formula, methods, techniques, whatever they are, to move another aspect of my life into the “flow”. Really, self discovery is a true gem, and has the scent of newly opened roses on a bush in the warm summer breeze. Hmmm. I think it is also soft like the petals of a rose and bright and shiny like a multifaceted diamond and warm as hot sunny day. If you can see the roses and shiny diamonds and smell the delicious scent of the rose and see and feel the beauty of the sun slowly melting beyond the horizon, then you have a very important part of the formula of manifesting ones desires into reality.

It’s the passion and discipline that I put into staying on track with my diet and releasing about eighty percent of my uncontrolled thoughts that resulted in a successful mission. Well, it’s probably the same type of regime that I used to overcome Graves Dysease and Congestive Heart Failure a few years back. Dedication to the cause, to the outcome is essential. An attitude of gratitude and compassion for myself and my environment is also key. It is so true that one’s environment is but a reflection of one’s inner world. Therefore, the truth must be that if you decide that you are and deserve to embrace inner peace and gratification you also start to attract that in you outer environment. Believe me I have made many boo boos by putting out intention and then adding fear, doubt, frustration or some other adverse emotion into the formula and wonder why I attract more of what I have (and am trying to get rid of usually lol)

Gee the healthier I get, the more empowered I become and the more humbled I feel. I think that the more my ego shrinks the closer I become to the little girl in me and I feel like I just need to chill; about everything. So I can boldly say that I got more than I bargained for and I still want more peace and contentment that comes along with feeling better about me and pampering me towards better health and a better life. Again I have to laugh at myself as I unwind my mind like a ball of yarn that is a bit tangled (lol}. Now I have to go into my peaceful place and rest my brain and play some music for a while until those thoughts begin to spin and I once again release..


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