Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Dreams

Many of us work really hard to have the things that are important for us in our lives. Sometimes we become so focused on what we have to do that we forget about our passions. We may go on day in and day out determined to maintain our everyday routine because it fulfills our material manifestations. We may be dying inside every day and ignoring it because everything on the outside is taken care of. One day someone like me for instance may ask them why they wish to struggle so. The answer I usually get is the same. I am doing this because it gives me enough money to pay my bills and take care of my life and if I don't do this, if I follow my passions my material world will fall apart. Now this really is being stuck between a rock and a hard thing. But this is also a very familiar place for most of us.

I have witnessed people whose lives begins to fall into pieces, and they keep patching the pieces together; holding on to the strings of what they need to do to survive. They may become stressed and worn from patching their lives together but they keep holding on to those strings, tying knots and praying for their life to get better.

The older a person is and the more responsibility they have taken on seems to secure the anchor that holds them in these patterns. Sometimes they share their dreams with me, dreams that they have pushed aside because they have convinced them self that they cannot move on and pick up the dream where they left off lifetimes ago. It is when they truly feel that this is their duty, their responsibility that they become so ingrained in being that person. They feel that they will let everyone down who depends upon them if they stop for a minute to actually look at the possibility of doing something else.

How do you integrate your passions into your material world? When do you make decisions of paying a fat mortgage, never-ending car payments, designer clothes, the latest new gadgets over spiritual gratification? How do you bring yourself back from getting so tightly wrapped into that spiral of trying to find satisfaction in the material world?

This is the time of the year when things can really get out of hand. Christmas has become one the most overpowering material monsters on this planet. When you shop do you think about how you will manage for the rest of your life with what you have convinced yourself that you have to spend to satisfy the need and greed you have taught others to expect on this holiday. What does Christmas really mean. Jesus gave from his heart and he gave those what they needed to lighten their spirits. Can you do this to your loved one this year? Can you do this for you this year?

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